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Dongpin Hu (Peter)

BSc (London), TESOL (ASU), MEd (EdUHK), PhD (HKU)


Research areas:

Technology-Enhanced Language Learning 

Content and Language Integrated Learning

AI in Education

Dr. Dongpin Hu (Peter) aims to make a difference in the field of education. He received his PhD in Educational Technology from the University of Hong Kong, MEd in Educational Studies from the Education University of Hong Kong, TESOL from Arizona State University, and BSc in Computer Science (Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence pathway) from the University of London. Dr Hu's research interests are technology-enhanced language learning, content and language integrated learning (CLIL), and AI in Education.


His interdisciplinary research in technology-enhanced language learning involves educational technology and applied linguistics, focusing on redesigning English language learning environments and approaches to support complex and authentic learning scenarios. To realize this vision, he has been exploring two vital aspects: 1) innovating traditional technologies and learning approaches in English as a foreign language (EFL) and CLIL; and 2) examining the cognitive and emotional effects of emerging technologies (e.g., AI, XR) in EFL and CLIL.

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